About PS&Cs

Public Schools and Colleges Jutial was established in 1979 as a result of joint efforts of both the civil and military administrations. It comprises of five wings. Classes from class III to F.Sc (Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical) are being run in boys campus and class III to B.A/B.Sc in Girls campus separately. Mixed classes are managed for Play Group, Nursery, Prep, One and Two in Prep Wing. All these wings are managed by a Lieutenant Colonel from the Army Education Corps on deputation as Principal/Administrator assisted by a Vice Principal and Wing Head/Incharge for each Wing respectively.

              The education of a child is not only a demanding exercise but also a sensitive process. This undertaking requires a collective and concrete effort of the teachers, parents and the children. It therefore, becomes the primary responsibility of an educational institution to create a congenial environment wherein the schooling and character building of a child could make real progress. Thus we aim at providing quality education to the children of Gilgit-Baltistan fully relevant to the needs and aspirations of a developing Pakistani Nation. The college endeavors to impart knowledge, pivoting on faith in Almighty Allah, trust in no another, courage and skill through which they can overcome poverty and ignorance. Special emphasis is being led on the teaching of science subjects to equip the pupils to keep pace with the fast-changing world of today in addition to their religious, social and cultural development. The main objective of the school/college will, however, remain the development of a balanced personality. As such, curricular and co-curricular activities have equal importance in the educational system.

The institution is being managed by a Board of Governors comprising of the following:

a.            Force Commander, Northern Areas               Chairman/Ex-Officio
b.            Member GBLA-2 Gilgit                                           Member
c.            Colonel Staff, HQ FCNA                                         Member
d.           Station Commander                                               Member
e.            Secretary Finance, Gilgit-Baltistan                         Member
f.             Secretary P & D, Gilgit-Baltistan                           Member
g.           Secretary Education Gilgit-Baltistan                       Member
h.           Secretary Works, Gilgit-Baltistan                           Member
i.             Principal PS & C JutialGilgit                                    Member
j.             Director Education, Gilgit-Baltistan                        Member
k.            Parents Rep, Male                                            Representative
l.             Parents Rep, Female                                        Representative
m.          GSO-I (Ops-B) HQ FCNA                                        Secretary

          Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan exercises overall control. The Board of Governors is a policymaking body and the Principal is responsible to implement the policies. Administrative and academic side of the institution will be the responsibility of the Principal who will be answerable to the Chairman Board of Governors.

For better Management and effective supervision, the institution comprises of wings as under:-
a.                Boys Senior Wing                               Class 8th – 2nd Year
b.                Girls Senior Wing                               Class 10th – 4th Year
c.                Boys Elementary Wing                        Class 3rd – 7th
d.               Girls Elementary Wing                         Class 7th – 9th
e.                Girls Junior Wing                                Class 3rd – 6th
f.                 Prep Wing                                          Play Group – 2nd

                 Public Schools & Colleges is proud of having an excellent team of committed, dedicated and qualified teachers having a missionary zeal.

              The Academic block is a double-storied building parallel to the college auditorium comprising of 100 plus well-furnished classrooms and 5 x staff rooms each in Boys, Girls and Prep campuses. Besides, the college has 10 x well-equipped laboratories available for practicals in Physics, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Psychology, Computer Science and Languages. For extra study, 2 x library facilities each in Boys and Girls Wingis also provided to both students and teachers. The main library of this institution is very rich and fulfills all the requirements of the studentsupto degree level.

              For the purpose of competitions, the students are grouped in 10 houses, four each in boys and Girls Wings, and two in Prep Wing. These are named after the renowned national and historical dignitaries and heroes, i.e Jinnah House, Iqbal House, Lalik Jan House and KornalSher House. Fatima, Zubaida, Razia and Rabia in Girls Wing. In Prep Wing Houses are named as Waqar-un-Nisa and Zaib-un-Nisa. Various appointments are given to the students at the house and college level with a view to inculcate leadership qualities in them.

              All admissions are granted on merit.

              Age of student at the time of admission in Play Group, Nursery, Prep will be 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 Years respectively. Students seeking admission in these classes have to submit their birth certificate/national registration Form “B”.

a.    Admission in new classes is made during months of Feb/Mar every year according to the number of vacancies available and based upon the result of entrance test.                                                                                                                                                              
b.    Schedule of the admission/test is announced through Radio Pakistan Gilgit in its news.
c.    Admission during the year is granted only on transfer cases subject to vacancy.
d.   Entrance test for half an hour each in English, Urdu and Math is conducted up to class 7th and with science subjects for class pre 9th and above.
e.    Photocopies of the form are not acceptable.
f.     Please attach school leaving certificate of the candidates except for class Nursery/Play Group ( a copy of National Registration Form “B” is required to be attached.
g.   Parents are supposed to please accompany the child for the purpose of admission for necessary briefing.

Further detail of admission is given in the admission form available at 
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